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Chitra Collection.

Private Museum of Historic Teawares

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The Chitra Collection is a private collection of historic teawares.

Lilo was asked to redevelop their current WordPress website in order to expand their online reach and make the collection accessible to a wider audience. This involved improving the promotion of their events and exhibitions, as well as educating their audience about the importance and history of tea culture – but in a fun and insightful manner.

The website would appeal to a varied audience – from those who have a passing interest in art or tea history, and to to those with a more academic interest in the collection.

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The Brief.

For the collection, a new inventory system was implemented – with simple and advanced search functions so that products can easily be filtered from the hundreds of items. Advanced search filters included:

  • Artist / maker
  • Item name
  • Place of Origin
  • Age
  • Material

To finish off the project, styling changes were made to alter the original designs supplied to Lilo.

Other Features

— Advanced collection filter

— Blog


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