Optimise your Facebook Account for Business

We look at how to optimise your Facebook Business Page, and gain a larger reach on the world’s most popular social media platform.


Facebook is the world’s favourite social media platform, averaging over 1 billion users every day. The need for fresh new content fuels this ever-increasing traffic, with business owners eager to take advantage of this gigantic userbase.

But not all Facebook business pages are created (or simply updated) equally. Missing or outdated information, incorrect image sizes, or bad grammar/spelling can lead to visitors fleeing from your company page. Also, with a more informative Facebook page, users will be able find relevant company pages easier via the Facebook Graph Search.

In this article we’ll be looking at how you can improve your page to appeal to Facebook users.


Facebook's official Facebook page


  • Ensure that your address and contact details are always up to date, especially if you are a local business. If your customers can’t find you, then how can you sell them anything?

Page Info

  • Category – Select what type of business you have. This will have an effect on the type of content that your page displays. This is especially relevant when you have a physical location that you want customers to visit. If that is the case, then select “Local Business” (Facebook will automatically create a Facebook Places listing for you, and customers can “check in” at your location).
  • Subcategories – Visually this is important, because these will be displayed underneath your page title. Your visitors will immediately see which services you offer. You can select up to 3 subcategories.
  • Facebook Web Address – When you initially create a Facebook page, it has a long url, containing the company name as well as your Facebook company ID number. The Web Address features allows you to customise your url, provided it is unique. These urls are much easier for users to remember.
  • Short Description – This appears on the main page to the left. You can write a description of your company, or briefly describe what content will be found on your Facebook page. If you have a local business, your business hours will appear here automatically.
  • Website – Don’t just add your main company url, you can post multiple urls here. You could use this to specify your other social media accounts.
  • Complete everything – For the remainder of the page, complete your profile as much as you can with relevant information for your visitors. Detail your products / services, a list of rewards your company has received – anything that will highlight your business. Your contact details should always be up-to-date, and if you’re a local business your opening hours should be correct.


Facebook Page - Settings

Preferred Customer Audience – This is a relatively new feature to Facebook business pages, which only launched in February 2015. This allows business owners to specify their target audience on Facebook, ensuring that your content reaches the right people.

Since Facebook collects a huge variety of information on their users (who freely fill in their own profiles), the targeting options are quite extensive. Not only can you specify age, sex and location, but hobbies, interests, education levels and more can be set. Once set, your page will be targeted towards your specified audience.

Page Header

Start by looking at your profile and cover images, as these are the first elements visitors will see when they reach your page, and first impressions are important. Use high-quality images to represent your brand in these sections. (Please note that your cover image cannot contain more than 20% text)

  • Call to Action – Add a call-to-action button on your header. You can pick from a simple “Contact Us” (specifying a landing page with your contact details), or from options like “Book Now”, “Call Now”, “Sign Up” and more
  • Add a “Verified” badge to your Facebook account. This will appear next to your company name, and serves as a notice that you have a legitimate local business. This feature is accessible via the “Settings” page

Visual Content

Statistic - 93% of human communication is visual

93% of human communication is visual, and pages with images or videos draw up to 94% more traffic than text-only pages. Posting more visual content, or improving upon your current images is crucial.

  • If you haven’t been sharing a large amount of visual content, then you need to change your approach to managing your Facebook account. Share more images, or if linked articles have unappealing images, upload your own to increase the chance of engagement.
  • When sharing links, delete the url you pasted after the link preview has appeared. The newly-generated image will serve as a link, making the url text redundant.

Facebook Posting Tips

  • Schedule content – You’ll find that you receive more engagement on your posts at specific times during a typical day, but you might not always be free to post at those times. You can use social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your content a week or two in advance.
  • Post regularly – Post at least every second day, though daily is much better. As you streamline your processes, you’ll find it easier to post more content. The only thing worse than a poorly-maintained social media account, is an abandoned one. If you having a hard time maintaining your account (even with a social media management tool), consider bringing somebody else on board and inviting them as an editor to assis in posting content. Read more about page roles here.

User roles for Facebook Business Pages


With these simple tips to optimising your Facebook business page, you’ll create a more appealing and user-friendly space for your users.

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