More…or Smarter Digital Marketing in 2011

For many London Web Design agencies, 2010 was the year of generating a large ‘following’ through creative social media campaigns.

For many London Web Design agencies, 2010 was the year of generating a large ‘following’ through creative social media campaigns. But what can we look forward to in terms of digital marketing this year?

Since the start of the whole social media phenomena, the number of people using web tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have grown exponentially. Words like “tweeting” and “following” are now a part of our everyday online ‘lingo’. Apart from using social media sites for recreational purposes, companies and brands are quickly discovering the marketing benefits of having an active Social Media Campaign.

Many Web design London companies have already incorporated Social Media design and optimization into their service offerings. Globally and locally, London website companies are experiencing that a truly comprehensive SEO campaign will also include an effective Social Media Campaign.

Moving away from ‘content for content’s sake’ to ‘content for the sake of the user’

As with most digital trends, the initial hype needs to die down a bit before we can establish the long-term value and purpose thereof in the market. During the initial stages of social media marketing the emphasis was mainly on quantity and not necessarily quality. The amount of ‘followers’ you had following on your Twitter Profile or the number of friends you boasted on Facebook, became a measuring stick for online success.

By now, most people have realized that numbers or ‘impressions’ do not necessarily result in more business or better conversion rates. The trick is to turn sporadic, once-off website visits into returning visitors and eventually new business. For many businesses with an existing SMO (Social Media Optimisation) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, the challenge this year will be to practice SMARTER CONTENT MARKETING, converting impressions into business.

Businesses will have to implement smarter content marketing strategies where the emphasis is not only on quantity but also quality. It’s becoming more and more important for businesses to fine-tune their content marketing skills.

The online audience is not a very captive audience and marketers have to take this into account when feeding content to the viewer. Here are a few suggestions that are currently making the rounds in terms of content marketing:

  1. You have one shot at making an impression through your content. It’s important to remember that the online reader constantly gets bombarded with information and images. If you are going to bid for the reader’s attention through content, make sure you make an impact with the little time you have.
  2. Stand out: Give your content a voice that will make it stand out on the web. Engage with people through content that has a unique, conversational tone.
  3. Do the scan-test: Read through your content and do a quick scan-through to make sure the most essential parts of your content can be digested in a short period of time. If you’re writing a long article, break it up into shorter paragraphs and sections to make it clear which sub-section covers which theme.
  4. Use strong bolded headlines: Headlines are important for capturing the attention of the reader.
  5. Relevant: Make sure your hitting the right audience with right type of information. It takes a split-second for the reader to think: “How is this relevant to me?”

I think it’s safe to say that gaining visibility online is merely the starting point. How well you’re able to actually engage with your audience through user-centric content will determine the success of your online marketing strategy this year. The London web design industry is becoming more competitive by the day and this calls for smarter web design solutions and content marketing strategies.

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