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Wordpress - a free publishing platform

“Blogs” are becoming increasingly popular amongst online businesses. Its interactive nature provides businesses with a unique client-feedback platform. Many companies have added blogs to their websites, choosing it as a cost-effective way with which they can boost SEO and customer relations.

With the vast amount of Blogging applications available on the web today, it might a good idea to consider your options before making a decision. A variety of open source software applications currently exist on the market. The great thing about these applications is that they usually have a substantial amount of online community support.

WordPress is one of the more reputable small-scale website and blog software packages. This open source application was originally developed as a free blog-hosting platform with added CMS capabilities. Since being released on the market in 2003, the number of WordPress user downloads has increased worldwide and today, more than a million people are making use ofWordPress software.

WordPress is an Open Source Project and people from all over the world are contributing towards its development, maintenance, usability and functionality. This means that you will always have access to up-to-date information regarding installation and user-application.

The software itself is community orientated and everything from the documentation to the code itself has been developed with the end-user in mind. WordPress is not the be-all and end all of small-scale website and blog applications but it does have many attractive features.

The advantages of using WordPress software

  • There are different versions of WordPress Software
  • All the coding is already done for you
  • Coding can be used and customised according to your unique requirements
  • Everything that you publish can be arranged and accessed in date-specific order
  • You can rearrange the widgets in the templating system without needing to edit PHP or HTML code
  • You can switch between and install different themes
  • You have the freedom to design and add customised templates to your blog
  • You can get instant feedback from you readers
  • You have full administrative control over what is published and who can leave a message post
  • WordPress has build-in rss feeds in various formats
  • WordPress is completely customisable and can be used for almost everything

You can use WordPress software to add a blogging feature to your website. To run WordPress your host needs: – PHP version 4.3 or greater or a MySQL version 4.0 or greater.

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