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Centre of Excellence for Latin American Research
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The Santo Domingo Centre of Excellence for Latin American Research (or SD Celar for short) and its affiliates hope to challenge the ways how Latin America is commonly represented and studied in museums.

Based at the British Museum, SD Celar also supports cultutral heritage initiatives developed in Latin America, and aims to establish a network of communities that is interested in the heritage of Latin America.

Overall they also provide greater exposure to Latin American collections.

What We Did

The Santo Domingo Centre of Excellence for Latin American Research is part of the British Museum, and therefore has an information page on the museum’s research website. But to showcase more of their work and collections, SD Celar required a dedicated website.

Lilo proposed the new build on the WordPress platform, where SD Celar staff could easily add and edit their own content easily.

The most important elements of the site:

  • Projects were given their own dedicated page, which can be discovered from the main Projects landing page with projects filter
  • Animated sections were added as you scroll to make the site more dynamic
  • A customised, interactive “Collection” wheel that shows the origins (which Latin American countries) an approximate 62,000 objects were discovered in
  • A “Digital Exhibitions” section where individual pieces can be viewed


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