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My Pet Your Pet.

Free Reciprocal Pet Boarding
Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS


Lilo developed a bespoke platform for MyPetYourPet, a new company that offers free reciprocal pet boarding.

This custom .NET development was created to answer the company owners’ question: where can you affordably host your pet when you’re on holiday, or even just go away for a weekend?

They wanted to create a community of pet owners who would be willing to host other members’ pets, a community that understands the needs of animals. All MyPetYourPet members are encouraged to host animals (in return for credits) as well as have their own pets hosted (where they can spend those credits) – no money is transferred between the community members.

Helping others is the main focus, while also providing a warm environment for the animals to stay in (and with other animals for companionship).

About the project

Lilo built a bespoke website, which allows MyPetYourPet community members to:

  • Create their own personal profiles
  • Upload information on their animal(s) and living environments – which will be used to help match their pets with suitable hosts
  • Search their local area for possible hosts, or perhaps an area where they will be visiting
  • Purchase an annual subscription to use the platform (at a fraction of the cost that animal shelters charge)

A credit system was implemented (the main currency of the platform), used by the community members to book hosts for their pets.  – and for hosts – to Credits are earned for hosting animals – the value of which is calculated on the size of the animals, and for how long they will be staying.

For the MyPetYourPet memberships, different tiers (with different benefits) were implemented. We also integrated the ability to apply discounts to each with custom codes.

A PayPal payment portal was also integrated to handle all transactions. We also installed a security certificate to encrypt all sensitive information, provide an added layer of security, and also help improve their search engine rankings.


Microsoft ASP.NET, IIS, Javascript, Google Tag Manager, PayPal


Pet & Vet


Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS


Microsoft ASP.NET, IIS, Javascript, Google Tag Manager, PayPal


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