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Online Makeup School.

Industry-Leading Training

Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS


Lilo developed a bespoke platform to house a new online makeup school

This bespoke .NET development was for a leading makeup school, with education centers in London, New York and Paris. They revolutionised the makeup education industry by being the first makeup school to be entirely owned and operated by working freelance makeup artists. Their artists (as well as graduates) are sent all over the globe to represent the company backstage at prestigious fashion shows and locations.

With an eye on wanting to reach a larger audience beyond their physical locations, this makeup school wished to implement an online version of their infamous school. This would enable users to learn the trade from over 50 of the world’s leading makeup artists, and give them the opportunity to become certified professional makeup artists.

What We Did

Lilo built a bespoke website, which allows students to effortlessly:

  • Create a new profile with which to enroll in the various courses
  • Pay for each course with a choice of popular payment options
  • Complete course modules / assignments
  • Communicate with their tutors
  • Take exams

Each student has access to a course dashboard, where they can see all available courses and lessons. Each lesson contains a lesson plan, notes from the tutors, the ability to upload notes and lessons for evaluation – and each submission’s results.

Peer to peer video conferencing functionality was added for students to view and engage with tutors.

Each tutor also has their own personal profile with dashboard, where they can view all student information (their courses, lessons, status of lessons, all submitted materials etc.). A reporting system was set in place to mark student progress, and award passes / diplomas.




Web Design, Web Development


ASP, IIS, Javascript, Google Tag Manager, Zendesk Chat integration