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Ken Hom.

Cookware from a Chinese and Asian Cooking Expert
Web Design, Web Development, Ecommerce, Magento


For over 30 years, DKB has been developing a range of Ken Hom woks to meet his exacting standings. He believes in only using high-quality cookware and ingredients, to help give every stir-fry great flavour.

Ken Hom was always presented as part of the main DK Brands site, but to better market his products and expand the brand, DK Brands wanted to develop a specific shopping experience just for his range of highly effective cookware. The new site should also match the style and presentation of Ken’s personal website – which would direct users to purchase his products from the new site.

After developing unique sites for two other DK Brands properties (Zyliss and Cole & Mason), Lilo was approached to create a Magento ecommerce site to market Ken Hom’s cookware and accessories.

What We Did

A simple, visual design was chosen for the homepage – easily directing site visitors to the wok range of their choice – Ken Hom’s performance range with improved durability and superior cooking performance, or his everyday range for general cooks.

This familiarity with the Magento interface, allowed the DK Brands staff to easily manage the Ken Hom wok inventory, consisting of the two main wok ranges, and also cooking accessories.

As with all our Magento setups, the site is responsive / mobile-friendly – catering to users of all devices, whether at home or work on your desktop computer, or on the go with a mobile device.




Web Design, Web Development, Ecommerce, Magento


Magento, PHP, HTML / CSS, Javascript / jQuery